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Fully Qualified Driving Instructor

Fully Qualified Driving Instructors

According to many driving groups, learners are more likely to fail their test if taught by trainees.

Based on the statistics published by Department For Transport,  when 100 people start their journey to become a Qualified Driving instructor( ADI ),  92% fail to demonstrate their skill and only 8 become an "ADI". 

Would you risk your time & money with an unqualified or trainee instructor?

If your answer is NO, than you came to the right place as we only recruit fully qualified and Approved Driving Instructors by Driver & Vehicle  Standards Agency.


Interactive & Progressive Learning

At Just Drive, we do not spend most of the time giving unnecessary roadside explanation. 

Our instructors let you drive as much as possible to gain confidence & experience behind the wheel and dealing with different situations.

When there is a need of any explanation, we make sure that it's explained in details so you understand it well before moving to the next question.

 You also get answers to all your "WHY" "HOW" "WHEN" "WHERE" questions and you can always ask for more.


Friendly yet Proffessional

It's Driving instructor's responsibility to make you a confident and safe driver & train you to pass the test. 

To achieve this, it is very important that you feel comfortable, calm & relaxed during the lesson. 

Your instructor will appreciate & encourage you for your every little improvement, however if you make a mistake you will get the real feedback too. 

Our instructors deliver every lesson in a friendly & professional manner so you get appreciation for every achievement, remedial action for mistakes and some laugh to keep you calm & relaxed. 


Focused On Your Progress & Safety

During your lesson, your  instructor is focused on your progress and at the same time aware of what's happening around you so if you have missed any potential hazard we have our eyes on them to keep you safe.

No tea, coffee, cigarettes, lunch, reading or calling break for instructor during your driving lesson.


We Plan Ahead

Before we start your journey we discuss your availability & if needed we do late evenings or weekend lessons as well.

As an individual we all have different qualities & learning skills and we plan your lessons based on your  skills.

Our methods are versatile to make learning easier for every individual.